Our Sunday Affairs / Emo Side Project Split

by Our Sunday Affairs

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released June 19, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Your Blanket Fortress
We watched Autumn fall through our finger tips, with strands of your hair covering chewed off skin. I know we can't chase it back home, but the winter wasn't so bad. I know you just had to go. I tried to eat your pride alive, but just like the drive out to Chicago, time only blurred all of the lines. So you go, I'll be okay, living inside my imagination. Inside of February, we made our final stands. To see who eyes would dart off, replace what we once had. We laid so comfortably, wrapped in each other skin. The pillows suffocated themselves on top my bed.

Tangled in your sheets, I realized what this wont mean. I know these songs don't mean a thing. I know this song won't change a thing.

Ten thousand snowflakes took the place of crushed leaves. We keep on changing with the seasons. Open your blinds now, I need you to see, ten thousand dust motes crash into me. Your stayed in orbit around you, trying to keep trouble from touching you. I know that we can't get back the nights spent shouting at starts how this feels right. But we still build these towers on your floor, made up of clothes we don't need anymore. We will build this up and out, a blanket fortress for our doubts. We can learn to live in this and be happy with ourselves.
Track Name: Emo Side Project - Meet Us at Graceland in 20
It’s the summer.
Hold the bummers.
Que sing alongs to American Football.
Taking shirts off to impress the ladies.
Shredding skate parks in our childhood towns.
Play in basements.
The cops shut ‘em down.
But that’s ok everyone left when I started anyway.
On the highway we get a text that says
“Meet us at Graceland in 20 minutes”

Bro downs know no bounds.
Honestly, there’s no where else I’d rather be.