Our Sunday Affairs / Carved Our Names In Snow / The Whoopass Girls Split

by Our Sunday Affairs

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released August 5, 2011

Our Sunday Affairs:
Jake whines a lot
Tom plays guitar
Malmos plays drums
Donald plays bass

Carved Our Names in Snow:
DJ Condon - vocals/guitar
Javier Zelaya - vocals/bass
Christian Marchant - guitar
Will Neer - drums

The Whoopass Girls:
guitar/vocals - ethan
bass - forrest
drums - cj



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Track Name: Joe Nameth (2 - 21)
It seems like every time that we're together we fall back in love within the hour, but maybe it's my job to feel sorry about everything that ever happened.

I swear I never meant to ever kiss you while we were lying on the floor of my storage room. We beat the hours down, 12 shots straight to the head, I'm talking alcohol, dear god I wish I was dead. Our friends all chased us down the crowded throats of your favorite thrift store, we're saving America.

Entertaining the constant ideas of self-revolution and medication, breaking into that kids house, or being sewn to Ryan's couch. Trampolines at three AM. Helping you shave your head.


Hey man, come on, I just want to talk. I never meant to fuck this up. I'm sorry this happened to us, I'm working on patching it up.

I will sit back and relax and close my eyes and realize what it means to grow up. We both know I'm not shutting up this time.
Track Name: Suckin' on the Nookie (Quirky Asshole Type Guy)
I've been pouring my inconsistencies down the throats of girls who don't mean shit to me. I've been shoving my tongue down rabbit holes just to find out where the hell they go.

But if a body is just a body, then I'll take all that I can get. And if your body is just a body, then open up and let me in.

Who put these thoughts in my head? Was it god or just the past things I've said?

Where's my head?

It's with my old friends. It's with you in the front seat. I left it at the bottom of the bottle staring back at me.

It's in their coffee cups. It's in their cigarettes. I can't get up without a fucking kick to the neck.

It's in those carpet stains. It's in those rainy days. So fuck your empty tank I've got these arms and legs and my bike if I need it.