Smiles From Next Year

by Our Sunday Affairs

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    6 short songs about some girls who broke my heart

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released October 1, 2010



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Track Name: Wishing You Were Here With...
Sleeper, look straight

We gave you everything; you threw it all away
We gave you everything; you threw it all away
We gave you all of us; you threw it all away
We gave you everything; you threw out everything
Track Name: Sleeper, Look Straight
Dig our holes a little deeper
So the sun wont wake us up
Stay asleep you little dreamer
Trying not to mess this up

We found out love's just a myth
Far too perfect to exist
Did you ever believe it
Im kicking myself over this

Pressing reset just in time
Still regretting every line

Faded pictures never taken
Triangles I left misshapened
Spending hours in your basement
TV's sitting on my floor
Phone calls left us wanting more
I lent you a month away
For your feelings to retreat
Back to oceans, paper airplanes

All I have is this ceiling covering my hanging head
So sure its not romantic, but all we knew was static

You could fucking go home with me
Me and you could fall asleep
Just close your eyes maybe we can
Still exist in memory
We can still be dreamers
Hollowing our messy minds
If we can learn to be sleepers
Hoping love will come with time
Track Name: In The Eyes of Sailors We're All Saints
My mind's full of minotaurs
Chasing me down these narrow halls
I am a civil war
I'm an ink blot stain
I'm days away

From where we want to be
Lying on my bed falling asleep
Back at my place, suburban New Jersey

We laid there like an open wound
You commissioned to his wrist
He couldn't handle when you said
"I'm just not feeling this."
Track Name: Alyssa, I Refuse to Name This Song After You
I know it's been a while since I've called
I've just got so much to think about
I wish things were still simple
I wish I was still seven years old

I hate to complain like this to you, but youre the only one who understands me anymore!

You mean more than a bright name
On a screen
On a dark day
Youre more than the voice in my pillow
Catching me when I fall asleep

You are just my dream
Painted on a body
You are my childhood
Photographed late in August

We weren't so worried we had a mental disease
All that we cared about were the scrapes on our knees

You are a constant
You are a human being
You are a Saturday spent with the family
When I didnt hate my dad
When I didnt hate my life
When I didnt hate myself
Track Name: We Sleep in the Sea
Ive been losing sleep
We fell into the sea
Your eyes were anchors
Pulling us into the deep

My eyes are feathers
Maybe it's the weather
I know I've felt better
Remember that letter

I came back for goodbyes
And was greeted by
"Jake I've got some bad news,
She's seeing other guys"

You were making new friends
I was left with dead ends
You are the sunrise
My eternal sunshine

And you
Youve got your
Your sunrise hair
And atmosphere eyes

I'm painting you on the inside of my
Eyelids so I can watch you in my sleep

I wouldnt do this if I didnt think that fighting for you would be worth it
Track Name: ...Smiles From Next Year
You and me
We are everything
And we are nothing

We're a flutter in the breezes
We're a change in the seasons
It was meaningless to you
And meaningless to me

Boy, I wish this didnt have to mean so much to me.

It's so cliche
And we'll just fade away
But isnt that all we ever wanted
A simple cliche

We will staple on smiles from next year
I will hold in my arms but I wont care
We will staple on smiles from next year
And maybe I will care