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Joyce Escuadro
Joyce Escuadro thumbnail
Joyce Escuadro Bc it's so bittersweet I hate it and I luv it!!! Favorite track: Happiness on Cooldown (End Song).
dreamshiver thumbnail
dreamshiver First time i saw this band was the moment when Cave released. It was also my first emo-twinkly band. No regrets since then, thanks guys. Favorite track: Happiness on Cooldown (End Song).
Brandt Wilson
Brandt Wilson thumbnail
Brandt Wilson pretty cool yo Favorite track: Moon Sized Shield.
lurock thumbnail
lurock The very best record these guys put out and they released a bunch of awesome music. This album ranges. All types of songs with great guitar arrangements, melody and lyrics. Sad to see them go. Favorite track: Moon Sized Shield.
Kyle Porter
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Kyle Porter I love you. And I hate to see you go.
But what a FANTASTIC way to leave.
Great album. Well done.
Gary Sleith
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Gary Sleith Incredible new release, I fear this will get lost in all the glowing reviews for Foxings latest, released at the same time, but this is an excellent album that deserves the attention of any emo fan. Favorite track: Gaia's Footsoldiers.
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This is our last album & the conclusion of a story.

A very special thank you to all of the guests who took part in Cave

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released November 18, 2013

Cave's Personnel:
Jake Schwab: Vocals & Lyrics
Tom Weil: Drums & Percussion, Bass, Guitar, Composition

Zach Reitter - Trumpet on Moon Sized Shield, Gaia's Footsoldiers & Happiness on Cooldown (End Song)
Evan Lescallette - Vocals on Oilhead & Born in a Storm
Ricky Christian - Vocals on Happiness on Cooldown (End Song)
Ethan Uhl - Vocals on Moon Sized Shield & The Hum
Ilai Ashdot - Vocals on Fatter Wires & Happiness on Cooldown (End Song)
McCann Painter - Vocals on Moon Sized Shield

Our Sunday Affairs is: Jake Schwab, Tom Weil, Ryan Malmos, Donald Malmos



all rights reserved
Track Name: Oilhead
hide out in reliquary shells
collecting dust and turtle bones
because i can because i want to
because there’s no one around to tell me not to

i wanted pretty scenes of pastel fish
in lilly-padded lake
not this inky nothingness
taking up its place

this feels like my organs have been hiding
in atonement i see them cheering spitefully
so spirits come to rest on shoulders
with thoughts of life, chaos, and order

even apples had imperfections
but they didnt waste time staring at reflections
of the things that weren’t and what was never real
it was only there to give you something to feel
“dont think for a second that youre alone in this”
but i am i am i am
Track Name: Moon Sized Shield
spare me your celestial proctection
it’s prodigal
i got a moon sized shield and spirit congestion
the things inside me are not defenseless

a paltry existence
conflicts of interest
these lights move too slowly
through salt flat race way galaxies
carefully constructed inconsistencies
a romance steeped in

people trapped in city buildings
sharpened stained glass, tiny bee stings
we can not afford to feel
no more heroes

please let’s not bring up
the halo around my head
it’s been reminding me, it’s all dead

please lets not bring up
the halo around my neck
it’s been choking me, half to death

you could be a cloud of flies, lay in wait for my demise
you could be the cloud of flies that locks the door and stays the night

align your jaw
Track Name: Born in a Storm
oh my god
its been so long
since ive done wrong
or distorted my reality

but some stars aligned
and our tongues decide
our names should rhyme

yours taste just like sanity

take it oh take it
the moss on the trees
the wind catches up and we’re on our knees
take it oh take it
the moss on the trees
the wind catches up and we’re on our knees

if i knew id tell you
what this meant
the skin on your stomach
tried to forget
you can not mean this much to me

inside a storm
learned in things
we cant ignore
Track Name: The Hum
as a child i fell into your graces
disappointment leaks from faces, turned away

kill the lights
the wind is calm

my god, you reek of self important apathy

get me off on empathy alone
Track Name: Gaia's Footsoldiers
i saw the serpent gaping from its shelf
its shallow swallowed self
leaves not a single doubt
how long do you think he took to cough us out
rome wasn’t built in seven days
says his buddy’s overworked and underpaid

let the grass grow right through me, lift the bones to canopy
become the rice they harvest, does that sound so cathartic
its another countdown to nothing
and im blushing all the while
take my time and stride and smile

let the grass grow right through me, lift the bones to canopy
become the rice they harvest, does that sound so cathartic
you wanna talk about nature
and the inner machinations
of healthy human relations
cuz they dont work they want em to

you want poignant lives
and roller coaster rides
sticky cotton candy
and the thickest cocaine lines

you wanna talk about nature
and the inner machinations
of healthy human relations
cuz they dont work they way you want em to

time wont seem to let this go
relinquished my self
taste the flesh and the bone
Track Name: Woke Up Next to Rows of Teeth
youve got yellow fangs and a black inside
eyes like harvest moons on would-be prom nights
youre gonna hunt me down gonna make me feel
youre gonna chew me out til there’s nothing real

try as i might i cant quite jump into an empty grave of mine

let me the lodge the love in you
as petals lick your messy wounds
as snakes coil around the womb
this silly nectar tastes like truth

blue turns black, im gonna bring it back
black blasts back, im gonna break its back

Can you recall what you said?
Can you recall what you learned?
On a monday morning

all of these options were made out clay
and i watched them get shaped passing everyday
let out a laugh and turned the scope on myself
when you said “i run to get away from myself”
Track Name: Fatter Wires
someone somewhere struck a chord
said he thought it sounded good
hammered on for a while
before he thought he understood

dont cast judgement just quite yet
all the repercussions circumvent
the privilege rattled through his bones
in attempts to sanctify his shitty home

im not listening at all
its too far gone to tell

somehow you gave the situation
a gravity that couldnt be found before
an undeserving human heaving
snared beneath your hardwood floor
Track Name: Cocoon
quiet the beating of your breath
for the children who cut holes in your dress

clockwork contingency
i owe you everything

there is no holiday
there is no holiday
Track Name: Happiness on Cooldown (End Song)
i wanna bite the cords in your neck
pumping perfectly, twined to protect
the second-sun rising in you

no one expected to carry this on their own
no one knows it like i do

baby i was born to meet you
maybe i was born to see this thing through

i got a planet on my mind
its with me all the time
it eats me out inside
then throws away the rind

baby i was born to meet you
maybe i was born to see this thing through

bloody mouth but i cant stop smiling now
figures on a line stretch this far past its run time

places, people, and the things that we do in them