City of Dogs

by Our Sunday Affairs

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This is an EP about the end of a world that doesn't exist. We hope you like it.


released July 18, 2012

Jake sings
Tom guitars
Ryan drums
Donald bass

This was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Dan Pilla and Justin Hollis at Bad Lab Studio.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Police Rock
I had a dream
Drowned in a swimming pool
Two tabs of acid in my jeans
My mom gave them to me
My stupid face, my stupid genes
Now I blame everyone but me
Let me gnaw on my fingers, I'm starting to teeth
For the first time ever I've remembered to breathe

Maybe they'll burn through my spine,
Rip out all the words I'd use to describe
The things I see in my head
The things that make me believe I'd be better of dead
I say we grind through the dirt
Find some place better and live in the earth
With only the rocks and the worms
Sit and listen and watch as the world starts to turn

They tried to tell me
How I should feel
I may not remember
But I can see what is real
Our pulpy insides
This dimming porch light
Wind, the night
Somewhere that the joy won't find me

I think I'd be better off without the dreams
Track Name: Hate Parade
It’s not easy to wrap around this
The shapes led me here, they stretch their bounds off
How could we exist in someplace beyond it
The circle of things must've just forgot us

Each time I played it back
I puked up more and more
And with every bit of bile
My throat grew soar and soar

I haven’t ate in days
The water’s gone all warm
Bending myself backward
Sleeping on the floor
Make your loose ends meet
Just for experience
Push me out of the way
I didnt mean to interfere

I understand that it's not easy to be a liar
Take me somewhere nicer, somewhere with lots of water

Track Name: It Turned My Tongue Blue!
The earth took shape in spite of reason
The sun came up, broke through the trees and
I clung to shade it gave me something to sleep in
Crawl back to me I’ll keep your secret

“The sky is a creatures mouth
No heavenly bodies are gonna roll out
Of the clouds
And onto our laps”
So we shout and dance

Weave my way into
Your hollow land
Burn down the whole town
Burn down the whole town
Face into mask
Fire in my hand
Burn down the whole town
Burn down the whole town

Cradle my hands
Drink water from the river
We’ll carve our maps
Into all the trees that litter
My empty threshold
They used to call home
But now I carry
All that I own

Why leave the light on
If you’re not coming back?
(Fuck the sun I fucking hate it here
Roll us back to a better year)

Why leave the light on
If you’re not coming back?
(I miss my room dark damp and cold
At least it was a place I could call my own)

Why leave the light on if you're not coming back?

You never believe in me
I didn't believed in you, what did you expect me to do?
Track Name: Ooh, the Ghost
Lo and behold
Me splayed across the road
Wade my way across
This coast for casting stones

Snap me in half with the holy ghost
Cast me aside like your wish bone

So I've got these parts that are
Buried under ground
They'll take their time
It just feels so much faster when you're around

Feel free to hollow out my chest
If it brings you peace to your head when you go to rest

Because I doubt I will see while I'm under ground
But it was nice to know you while around

I know that I rely on
Empty speech well
Desertmouth I swear
You used to be a beach
My stomach swells
Thoughts of summer hold my hand