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released March 28, 2011



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Track Name: We Stand On the Shoulders Of Giants
Drippy nose
where did you go?
You held a bird in hand,
swore youd never let it go.

You said we’d make it through this winter,
see each other into spring.
You said “Since I met you
ive learned to sleep”

Now I need to change my sheets.
Dear, youve made a mess of them and with it, me.

I just wanted to tell you that
ive been shouting into
mics for the past year and a half and
Im still waiting for them to say something back.

Ive started dreaming again.
Have you stopped sleeping again?
I cant begin
I guess that this is the end

So there’s your “happy birthday and here’s to many more!”
Us living separate lives, me living mine indoors.
Two months early, two months premature.
Nothing ever fucking stays pure.
Track Name: Birdseed
I stare out side my window
Watch the birds I wonder how
All they do
Is eat, sleep, fly, and sing

I sit inside my bedroom
Kind of trapped but mostly sad
I wonder why that cant be
Me and you and all our friends

Bad habits are such hard habits to break and Im still not convinced good habits even exist. But between all the empty bottles and cigarettes you think we would have learned something by now. Self destruction as an art form. Not the prettiest picture, but one I abide to none the less. Ive sang too many songs for someone only fifteen, and when did we start counting years by my number of teeth?

Sometimes I
Why everyone
Wants to kill themselves

Its because
Our hearts still sing
And our ribs
They still cage them

But Ive got new limbs growing
Ten feet taller today
It runs down my back
Here comes the grey again

I get why
People they love to live
Its because
We've got thoughts, thumbs, and other things

So wake up and grow up, you might as well shut up.
Track Name: Swing
I left my life and her in a locker room
Locked it away and forgot the combination
Figured I’d be safe from the inhibitions
Crowded space just isnt the place for a kid like me

She blew another smoke ring into the wind
She kissed him one more time on the lips
I never saw this coming
But you showed me everything that Ive missed

Im not complaining
Im only just saying
That throwing two years into
The wind

That cant be healthy
Man, that cant be healthy
Learn some self respect
And get over it

I’ve worn your badge since the basement days
It’s a prime example of the blood and sweat
The bend in your spine and my collar bone
We tucked ourselves to bed in separate homes

So take me home

Youve got me singing better things
Not so much whining and sleeping in the sea
Youve got me right where you want me
Im right where you want me

Two years came too soon
Or maybe its too late
I mean for fucks sake
We were in 8th grade

It’s not like I care now
Ive learned to move on
Ill see you later
This is a so long

So this is a goodbye
Two years down the drain
I thought i’d be choking
But Im fine today

So this is a hello
To a fucking new day
I’m all smiles and laughter
Thanks to you, Cassie Spain